Writing is something I’ve always done, but until now never gave it the time that I should have. In high school being in a band was more important, and as a single mom, getting a special-needs kids all the help/services he needed took precedence.

Even so, I was still writing, and even submitted one story to a few magazines. I still have the very nice rejection letter I received from Algis Budrys! As my son was graduating high school I started writing and editing articles for the BBC’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy project, started by Douglas Adams, and pre-dating Wikipedia. Well, until the cancer & fibromyalgia, lol. I was still spewing a lot of emo poetry and sometimes entering short story contests, but my head was just not in a good place.

At this point in my life I’ve gotten used to being gimpy (I’ve even bedazzled my walker, because why not), and realized that after 50, people stop nagging at you to “make something of  your life” and “put yourself out there, or you’ll never get married”. I’M FREE! Now – I write.

Here are my scribblings for you to enjoy. Or not. It’s all good.

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